About Us

Advanced Handling Equipment & Design Group (AHE), based in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the top material handling dealers in the southeastern United States. AHE offers a full line of high quality new and used material handling equipment, and a wide range of installation and consulting services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to material handling. AHE specializes in customized turnkey solutions — from concept through implementation — designed with the work you do in mind. Our focus is on providing unparalleled service and value to our customers through creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Whether you need to maximize storage capacity, optimize material flows, or effectively store your company’s widgets, our team of experienced and dedicated material handling professionals can help.

AHE brings a wealth of experience to the table, and partners with established equipment manufacturers known for superior products and outstanding service. We value relationships, honesty, professionalism, and a job well done.

While we embrace technology, we acknowledge that the simplest solution is often the best one.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you put everything in place.

The Best Design

From basic storage equipment to automated material handling, AHE is ready to develop a customized solution to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you to:

  • Optimize existing facilities by adding valuable floor, work, or office space with mezzanines and/or modular offices.
  • Increase storage capacity by maximizing the use of the available storage cube.
  • Improve material flows with pallet flow rack and conveyor systems.
  • Minimize product damage through improved transport methods and reduction in overall handling
  • Reduce shrinkage by limiting access. Solutions range from simple security enclosures to sophisticated vertical storage systems with password protection and inventory control.
  • Improve workplace safety and ergonomics.
  • Provide relocation tear-down and set-up services tailored to your environment.
  • Recoup capital through the sale of your surplus material handling equipment.

The Best Equipment

Over the past 25 years, AHE has developed relationships with over 100 of the premier material handling equipment manufacturers around the world. All of our manufacturers are well-established industry leaders, offering the finest quality products, outstanding product engineering and reliability, and the capability to deliver. Together with our manufacturer partners, we apply our collective experience to analyzing your specific application.

Once we arrive at an appropriate solution, these partnerships afford us the best possible pricing and service from the manufacturers, allowing us to pass these benefits along to you.

The Best Installation

AHE’s highly-trained professional installation crews work carefully to ensure a safe, accurate, and on-time installation. Our goal is to meet your specifications with minimum interruption of ongoing operations.

We use only the best quality installation materials and hardware, and provide you with full product literature and documentation at the end of each installation.

Educating management on the proper and safe operation of each product we install is part of our installation service. Operator training for each product is also available.