Automated Vertical Storage Systems

Automated Vertical Storage Systems, Vertical Lifts, and Vertical Carousels

The Hänel Rotomat Vertical Carousel is a compact, efficient, secure storage system designed on the tried-and-tested Ferris Wheel principle. In traditional static shelving, the “operator” must physically go to each shelf position to stock or retrieve product. This can involve lots of “travel time,” climbing stairs to different storage levels, or the use of ladders or other lift equipment; this can be painfully slow and inefficient.

Automated vertical storage works in the opposite manner — the goods come to the operator. Inside the Rotomat, carriers (these shelves are equivalent to the Ferris Wheel seats) are arranged in a very compact configuration on a rotating mechanism that works just like a Ferris Wheel. Because this Ferris Wheel is compressed into a tall rectangular box, literally thousands of parts can be stored in a tiny footprint. The required parts (or files!) are brought to the operator at a ergonomically positioned retrieval point at a touch of a button! This is an incredible space, time, and cost saver. The Rotomat also protects stored goods from dust, light and unauthorized access!

The Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift is the state of the art in vertical storage. It offers secure, protected, compact and efficient point of use storage. Just like the Rotomat vertical carousel, it brings the product to the operator, although the mechanics are different. At the center of the Lean-Lift ‘cabinet’ is a computerized lift — called the ‘extractor.’ Storage slots are located in front and behind the extractor. The extractor stores or retrieves shelves from these storage slots, again at the touch of a button. The Lean Lift self optimizes storage inside the machine through the use of product height sensors. This allows it to store each shelf in the least amount of vertical space possible. It is incredibly fast, too! This machine is ideal for high throughput applications, especially for smaller, high dollar parts.

Automated vertical storage offers incredible space savings and many other cost savings benefits, like increased picking efficiency, reduced picking errors, reduced risk of injury, less product damage, improved inventory control, and much more. Sophisticated controls and software offer every possible option for integration with your company’s technology. Hänel Rotomat Vertical Carousel and the Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lifts offer many unique, exclusive features that add tremendous value, and reliability. In many applications, an automated vertical storage system can pay for itself in less than two years!

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