Heavy Duty Structural Rack

Heavy Duty Structural Steel Pallet Rack is designed to store the heaviest loads in the roughest, most abusive environments. This rack is especially well suited to industries with very heavy products to store, like dies, sheet steel, motors, industrial batteries, and much more. It is preferred in tough industrial applications where the rack may be exposed to lots of abuse, i.e. by forklift impacts, as well as freezer and cold storage applications.

Heavy duty structural steel pallet rack uprights frames and load beams are made of hot rolled structural steel channel (c-channel). Structural steel is superior to roll formed steel in its resistance to impact (least likely to deform) and its high capacity (shelf capacity of up to 20,000#) and resistance to seismic forces. Structural rack features precise, bolted beam to upright connections for superior strength, ease of assembly, and adjustability.

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