Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack is an engineered storage system that offers the ultimate in space utilization. This system combines structural pallet rack components with gravity conveyor rails with speed controllers (brakes) to store pallets. Pallets are loaded on one side or face of the system, and picked on the opposite face. The depth, height, and width of the pallet flow system are limited only by the physical dimensions of the storage facility and the available lift equipment! Because this system is gravity operated, very little maintenance is required. Pallet Flow Rack is the ideal storage solution where storage density and “first in, first out” inventory rotation are high priority. It is particularly well suited for storage of date sensitive or perishable products.

Pallet flow offers countless handling and cost savings benefits in addition to the space savings. Because pallets can only be loaded on the input side and picked from the opposite side, it enforces FIFO inventory control. Other benefits include reduced handling and operating costs, time and labor savings, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced picking errors and product damage, to name a few. Some selective rack systems can be retrofitted for pallet flow or its lighter duty cousin, case or carton flow racks.

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